€ 149
Miffy's Dream Pendant Lamp

Miffy's Dream Pendant Lamp


€ 149

In one of her many adventurous dreams, Miffy takes a trip through the sky on a fluffy cloud. There she meets a bunny from another country, together they have endless fun playing with the stars and the moon. After their great adventure the happy but tired little friends fall asleep.

Open the window and let Miffy's dream float into the warmth of your home. Here Miffy can shine her soft light and watch over your child's hopes and dreams.

Info & specs

Let Miffy float into your room. Here she can shine her soft light and watch over your child’s hopes and dreams.

Miffy's Dream is a 53cm high pendant lamp and comes with a 5W saving bulb.

Color White
Dimmer NA
Weight 3kg
Lamp Saving Bulb
Dimensions 45x45x53cm
Material Polyethylene
Made in Netherlands
EAN 8711113968010